Day to Day Activities of Software Tester

Pramod Dutta
2 min readApr 10, 2024

A Day in the Life of a QA Professional

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Quality Assurance (QA) professional? Here’s a glimpse into the daily routine of a QA specialist:

  1. Email Management: The day typically begins with checking emails and responding to any queries or concerns, especially those where the QA professional has been tagged for assistance.
  2. To-Do List Creation: Next, it’s time to prepare a to-do list for the day, outlining the tasks and priorities to be addressed.
  3. Testing and Observation: With the to-do list in hand, the QA professional dives into testing activities, meticulously noting down observations and issues encountered during the process.
  4. Collaboration with Developers: Effective communication is key in QA. The professional connects with developers to discuss observations and bugs, ensuring alignment and swift resolution.
  5. Automation Implementation: After manual testing is completed, attention shifts to automation. The QA professional runs existing scripts and considers adding new ones, enhancing testing efficiency.
  6. Business Scenario Automation: Identifying opportunities to automate business-related scenarios is crucial. If feasible, work begins on automating these processes to streamline testing efforts further.
  7. Script Stability Enhancement: In cases where automation isn’t viable, efforts are directed towards enhancing the stability of existing scripts, ensuring reliability in testing procedures.
  8. Scrum Meeting Participation: As part of the agile development process, the QA professional attends scrum calls to provide updates on testing progress and discuss any impediments or challenges faced.
  9. Task Review and Conclusion: Towards the end of the day, the QA professional revisits the to-do list, ensuring that all tasks have been completed satisfactorily. With a sense of accomplishment, it’s time to log out and unwind, ready to tackle new challenges tomorrow.

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