🔥 How to Upload File in Rest Assured(with Download)?

In this video, We are going to learn How to upload a file in rest assured and download file in rest assured.

Rest Assured upload file is easy and can be achieved with the multipart inbuilt methods.

✅ Quick Code -
.multiPart(“file”, new File(TestUtil.getFileURI(“/examples/help.html”)), “text/html”)

We will assume that a post method “https://the-internet.herokuapp.com/upload" uploads an image for a user. Lets take a look at the below example on how to upload the image file using POST call.

We will use the function that takes 3 parameters.

  • The key that identifies the file.
  • File object.
  • Content type.

We Use POST request to perform this operation.

✅ Source Code.

What is REST Assured?
REST Assured is a Java library that provides a domain-specific language (DSL) for writing powerful, maintainable tests for RESTful APIs. … I’ll be using real-world code examples you can copy, run, and reuse directly in your own test automation effort

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