Rest API Testing using JMeter | API Testing Tutorial | Day 28

Pramod Dutta
2 min readMay 28, 2020


In this video of 30 Days of API Testing Challenge, I am going to discuss How to perform JMeter API Testing or API Performance Testing.

👉 What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing is artificially creating or simulating load and measuring how your environment or apis handles it.

👉Types of Performance Testing

⚡️Baseline Testing
How a system performs under expected or normal load and creates a baseline with which other types of tests can be compared.
⚡️Stress Testing
Find the load volume where the system actually breaks or is close to breaking.
⚡️Load Testing
In this increasing the load and see how the system behaves under higher load.
⚡️Soak Testing
run load tests or even baseline tests over a long period of time and see how the target environment handles system resources and if it works properly.
⚡️Scalability Testing
to check whether your system scales appropriately to the changing load.

👉 Why we do API Performance Testing?

⚡️To determine the overall performance of a system under specific circumstances
There are Two Types
⚡️Functional Tests
To ensure that the API returns the desired output for a given input.
⚡️Load Test
⚡️In this multiple clients hit the same server at the same time, and the number of clients can drastically affect the behavior of the API.
⚡️ Nonoptimized code is making a request to a database that is slow in responding.
processing of payloads (request and response bodies to multiple clients
⚡️ Check the impact of a large amount of XML/JSON processing on the server-side

👉 JMeter API Testing


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