What is Cross-browser Testing?

Cross browser testing as the name suggests verifying the Functionality of the website on the different common browsers that are widely used right now in the market.

What is Web Testing Coverage?

In the Web Testing Coverage basically means that what all browsers and device, Screen resolution and OS versions we should keep in the mind while performing the CBT. We call them “Essential X” Where X is Browser, OS, Device, Resolution.

Why should I perform Cross Browser Testing?

There are below three main reasons, I can highlight…

  • To provide the excellent User experience without any Browser or Device preferences. It can have a great impact. I have seen very good companies with poorly handled UI/UX on Essential Browser or OS list.
  • To know about the issues on CBT before your immature client reports to you. For example One of the customers can ask to customer support that…I have bought your $699 web app and your app is not working for my IE 8 version and we are doomed.
  • At this point. we know what all Essential Browser, OS and resolution to target and why we should we do it but…Big Question……??

Who should perform Cross Browser Testing?

It depends…

How is Cross Browser Testing Performed?


In Conclusion,

Over To You…



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